For those of us who take our health and fitness seriously, and perhaps even those that don’t, we understand that swimming is very good for us. It is truly a great form of all round exercise, building strength, stamina and toning the body, whilst having little of the harsh pounding effects of other exercises, such as running.

But then there’s swimming and there’s outdoor swimming, a different beast, and an altogether more dynamic proposition. Having read the benefits of outdoor swimming and why you should be doing it, you’ll soon be searching for outdoor swimming pools near me. Here’s why…


The mental and physical benefits of swimming outdoors are numerous. When you also engage the mind whilst exercising, as you will, then you’ll gain on so many levels. We are all aware that top sportsmen like an ice bath, well swimming away from the warm and chlorinated pools indoors will have aid your body’s repair and recuperation and ensure that you sleep better when you come to rest your head on your pillow.


Your circulation will improve, your heart will become a little stronger, and your blood pressure will reduce a little all as a result of outdoor swimming. You’ll be flushing clean your systems even after a short dip, and benefitting immensely from these changes.



Like any swimming, one of the most important health benefits is that it avoids that heavy duty pounding that your joints can suffer during different forms of exercise.

Happiness & Immunity

The cold water kick-starts the immune system, and whilst we all know that any exercise makes us feel a little happier, outdoor swimming increase the rush of endorphins compared to different forms of exertion.

Wet Suit

Not a manufactured one, but your very own – your skin. Outdoor swimming is a wonderful means of ensuring good skin tone and exfoliation, creating a natural glow that is only matched by your inner happiness.

Speed Up

We often complain that our metabolism is slow, so the good news is that outdoor swimming is great for boasting the same. It also, somewhat strangely perhaps, increases the levels of fertility.

Calm Yet Alert

All that exertion and exercise can be tiring, but it also can be calming too, which is great when faced with the speed and fast paced life associated with modernity. However, do not think that this peaceful state of tranquillity means that you are half-asleep, far from it. Outdoor swimming heightens the alertness of many of those that practice this form of exercise. You’ll be calm, yet sharp, which is wonderful.

It is therefore suggested that the next time you’re online that you search for outdoor swimming pools near me. Some may think that outdoor swimming is strange or intimidating, and it is true that some practitioners may be a little eccentric, but do not worry about the doubters, they can be left in the indulgent warm chlorinated waters of their local indoor swimming pools – that’s fine. You on the other hand will be learning just why it is that real athletes like to swim outdoors too.