At the heart of any managerial innovations and activities for the development of marketing is the competent and skillful transformation of marketing processes. The usual documentation of marketing processes without further optimization, as well as the automation of ill-considered and ineffective marketing processes have been left in the past.

The potential for creating a management system that can function in conditions of dynamic change can be provided by marketing processes supported by appropriate information technologies. Marketing automation software systems allow to support a full cycle of marketing process management: modeling, execution and monitoring. The systems are designed to simulate marketing of the company and simultaneously automate the work of employees responsible for decision-making.

Bpm’online, a Platform for Managing and Modeling Marketing Processes, Including Adaptive Ones

Bpm’online is the latest marketing automation software for managing marketing processes. At the heart of the platform is the most progressive world standard for modeling marketing processes – the notation of MPMN 2.0. The process models created with this notation are understandable to absolutely all users involved in the development or implementation of the process: marketers, managers, analysts.

To simulate marketing processes in the, there are two tools available: the designer of marketing processes and the master of marketing processes. The choice of the tool depends on the purpose and complexity of the process being designed. The process wizard is used to build processes that users start manually, the designer for complex, branched processes that include many elements and can be started automatically.

Bizagi Suite, a Marketing Automation Software for Modeling Marketing Processes And Creating Executable Applications For Them

MRM is a system, which allows not only to describe and simulate marketing processes, but also to create an executable application for them. There is a bonus – the system is free (up to 20 employees).

The system allows not only to create processes, but also to monitor and analyze their implementation. Realization and monitoring of processes occurs in real time.

ELMA МPM with integration with 1C

This MRM system has 2 key advantages – integration with 1C and notation MPMN 2.0 for modeling of marketing processes, which allows ordinary marketing users to create and start processes in the system. Like previous solutions, ELMA can perform and track processes in real time. In addition to modeling marketing processes, their implementation and monitoring, the system allows you to assign roles to employee-participants in processes, organize system work with document flow.

Visual Paradigm: Modeling of marketing processes in different notations

The system supports modeling of marketing processes in several popular notations, from common MPMN 2.0, IDEF, MEPC to database schemas, interaction diagrams and matrices. The system is also notable for a user-friendly interface.

ARIS Express, A Graphic tool for modeling marketing processes

A completely free graphic tool for modeling marketing processes. It is difficult to call it marketing RM system, because the models cannot be linked together and they are not interactive. The solution has several variants of process models at its disposal: process maps, organizational models and models in notations of BPMN MEPC. The main tool of marketing automation software is Smart Design, which allows you to quickly enter the desired data into a table, and the system itself converts them and creates a diagram based on them. The created models can be uploaded from the system in a graphical form.