Breast implants are done by women to get fuller and more beautiful breasts. Studies show that the majority of women who undergo breast augmentation are in their thirties. This is the age group when most when give birth to babies and find their breasts less in volume when compared to their earlier days. This affects their confidence and they chose to undergo augmentation. However, the dangers of breast implants have to be well understood before getting the procedure done on you.

According to studies 4% of women in America have breast implants and that it 1 in every 26 women. If you have decided to undergo breast augmentation as well, you must know that taking care of yourself after the procedure is extremely important to stay away from the dangers of breast implants. Here are a few vital points that you need to keep in mind after the surgery.


You can eat your regular food after the surgery and follow a healthy diet that will help your body heal sooner. Do not take alcoholic beverages while you are still under medication.


Yu must sleep on your back after breast augmentation. You should not sleep on your stomach or on your sides until you’ve completed 6 weeks after the surgery; It will hurt your wounds or can cut them open while you’re asleep.

Physical work

You can return to your office work if it’s a desk job that does not require a lot of physical strain. However, you should be careful while lifting weights or moving your hands around. Don’t raise your hands above the shoulder level during the first two weeks and don’t lift anything that weighs more than 5 lb during this period. Don’t run, jump, or do anything that will make your breasts bounce which will lead to displacement of the implants or opening of the wounds.

Sun exposure

Do not go under the sun during the first 9 months after the surgery because your scars will get tanned much deeper than the rest of your skin and this darkening can be permanent and evident.


Don’t take bath for the first 2 weeks after the augmentation so that your wounds don’t get wet. You can take showers after that but after the shower use a hair dryer on minimum setting to dry your wounds completely.

Taking care of the wound

Take the medication correctly and don’t wet your wounds during the first 2-5 days after surgery. Massage your breasts as directed by the doctor. Do not remove your surgical bra or compression bands until the doctor has told you to. Don’t list up your arms to take a look at the wound since you may get hurt.