Vidalista CT are generics of the well-known and proven potency agent Cialis. The active ingredient (20 mg tadalafil) and the dosage are identical to the expensive original. The special feature of Vidalista CT tablets: They are chewable and can be used without water. Just bite, chew and swallow.

These low-dose Vidalista CT (20mg, 40mg, and 60mg Tadalfil) cause minimal side effects and have an incredible 24-48 hours. Take a Vidalista CT tablet about 3-4 hours before the planned sex.

They want a relaxed sex life. Do not put yourself under pressure and redesign your love life with the power means Vidalista. This remedy has already convinced many men of its excellent effect. It treats erectile dysfunction and also delays ejaculation. It also promotes the erection in a pleasant way and thus gives more sexual pleasure. With this miracle cure nothing stands in the way of an extremely fulfilled eroticism.

Vidalista is a new and powerful tablet and works in two ways. First, with the active ingredient dapoxetine against premature ejaculation. Second, by the active ingredient Tadalafil for a full erection.

Vidalista is a reliable and effective generic drug. It is available in three variants – Vidalista 20 mg, 40 mg and 60 mg. The milligram figures refer to the drug Tadalafil. Due to the slow effectiveness of Tadalafil, Vidalista can hardly be surpassed. Tadalafil generic drugs work up to 36 hours. Take Vidalista 6-8 hours before sex.

Trust Vidalista and enjoy your love lessons for two.

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Buy Vidalista, brings you two active ingredients in a potency tablet. The combination consists of a 60 milligram dose of dapoxetine plus 20 milligrams of tadalafil. The Generic Cialis is successfully linked to Priligy without prescription. Thus, you not only improve your robustness in the penis, but are also effective against the premature ejaculation before. Cheap we allow online orders of this dual erectile agent without prescription.

Top benefits of Vidalista:

  • Successfully linked Priligy with Cialis
  • Successfully avoid premature ejaculation
  • Stramme stand for hours
  • Cheap to use two substances in one pill
  • Order inconspicuous potency pills

What problems do you treat with this potency tablet?

PDE-5 inhibitor meets serotonin reuptake inhibitor here. This means that you not only strengthen the stability with this erection agent. At the same time you avoid too early highlights. It will not be difficult for you to postpone future ejaculations.

How do you go about taking Vidalista?

In the film-coated tablets are, per daily dose, dapoxetine 60 milligrams and tadalafil 20 milligrams. Just swallow the dark red pill with a glass of water or lemonade. This is best done between 30 and 45 minutes before foreplay. If it comes to sexual irritation, both modes of action show.

What is the time window of this power means?

As a Cialis generic, an oral tablet works for a maximum of 36 hours. The shortest duration of effect is 24 hours.

How does this over-the-counter sexual enhancer work best?

For an application, do not use intoxicants. Even small amounts of alcohol increase the effect of Cialis over the counter, including Priligy. Stronger side effects can no longer be ruled out.

Concomitants of Vidalista

By avoiding overdoses, you can avoid stronger side effects. If you feel ill after the first dose or feel exhausted, it is harmless. Even with a slight headache or facial redness no doctor’s visit is required. These are harmless symptoms.

When do you need medical help?

If you get a painful permanent erection after taking Tadalafil or your heart starts to race, seek medical help. This also applies to allergic reactions or difficulty breathing.

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