It is everyone’s desire to live a maximum life. We spoke to Troy Smith, the owner of the brand Practice U and he said: “To master a higher degree of self, one must strive to live the width of life as well as its length.” He gave also some life hacks that everyone should implement to live life fully.

Positive thinking

Looking and expecting a better tomorrow is a good way of sailing through life’s storms. Many studies over have revealed that negativity narrows down one’s thinking. The defeatist mentality makes one assume the losing position even before trying. To make it through life, people need a lot of positive energy. There is enough negativity around anyway.


With soaring bills and ever emerging opportunities, the sleeping hours are reducing significantly. It may look like with inventions, deadlines, responsibilities and all life demands; there are fewer hours in a day. For optimal output though, a human being must have adequate rest. What most young people do not understand is that sleep is not a luxury. A sleep-deprived person will not only be less productive but risks health-related challenges in the long run. Ensure you get enough sleep to enable you to perform at your best.

Eat right, hydrate, and exercise

Self-care is crucial for proper functioning. Just like a plant needs adequate nutrients to blossom and be fruitful, so does man. Food is an essential component of the human body, and since different elements are crucial for various organs, intake should be well balanced.

WHO among other world bodies recommend at least eight glasses of water a day for proper body functioning. This keeps the body well lubricated and at its best.

Lastly, get your body busy with appropriate exercise. This is good for the brain and your heart.

Get some time to play and give

Taking breaks to indulge in what one loves other than work will help one recharge and boost productivity. Whether it is playing golf, watching a movie, skiing, hiking, or whatever makes you happy. Loosen up. Play helps in the production of happy hormones which not only adds more days to live but makes the journey more interesting.

Whoever pours into someone has something they can give.It is humbling to know that despite one’s struggle, you have something that someone needs.Time, a hand in some task, or resources, among others, are a few examples of things one can share.Find opportunities to give what you can to someone.

Take charge of time

A schedule or plan in place ensures good use of the time available. Social media is an excellent source of information but can easily be a severe distraction and time sucker. A well-drawn plan helps people optimize the time available hence generally, ‘life well lived.’

For the free-spirited individuals that find it hard to adopt a programmed life, start small by implementing easy tasks regularly. Introducing a schedule when you have not had one may look overwhelming and inhibit one from trying altogether. One can begin by setting the time to wake up every day and make it a routine. After a while, introduce another task consistently.

Reward self

Life is tough, and the list of people that are keen on others achievement is always declining. Learn to toast to your wins. You will be amazed by how much more you can do.

Grab opportunities and take risks

Money is not everything, but it sure plays a significant role in life. With money, one can do a lot of things. After all, as a reward, it keeps people motivated.

The chase for success is universal. Living life to its optimum is fulfilling and ensures a life without regrets.