During summer months, air conditioners become one of the most important appliances of the household and in most of the households it runs almost continuously. Like any other appliances air conditioners, also need some rest in order to give proper service.

There are times when our air conditioner stops totally and refuse to turn on. In such situation, we can easily understand that it needs repair. However, on many occasions when air conditioner is running but there are few problems due to which either we may not get proper cooling or it may be creating lots of noise in the surrounding and disturbing you to get proper sleep. On such occasions, we may need to call any technician to get our air conditioner properly repaired.

Following are few symptoms that we need to see and decide whether it is necessary to get the air conditioner serviced by any knowledgeable person.

  • Making loud noise

As a normal condition too, air conditioners do make little sound so that we know the air conditioner is really working. However, if the sound becomes too unbearable that it can disturb you during night then it is a matter of concern. Quite often the various components within the air conditioner may become loose due to which it vibrates and create disturbing noise. Quite often there can be certain fault in the compressor unit can also generate abnormal sound. Therefore, in such situation, it is necessary to call the right technician who is knowledgeable about air conditioners.

  • Not cooling the surrounding

Quite often the air conditioner seems to be running as usual however there is no cooling effect is observed in spite of its running for considerable duration. There can be number of reasons for such problem and one of the most common reasons is gas leaking of the compressor unit. However, if this problem is observed, one must call any air conditioning technician for detailed check up.

  • Your energy bill is very high

Most of the air conditioner suppliers like Samsung, LG and Feeders Lloyd have started marketing their star rated air conditioners. Higher the star rating the energy bill will be proportionally reduced. However, if your air conditioner is running inefficiently due to any reason then even your high star rated air conditioner may also produce high energy bill. There can be number of reasons for higher energy bill. You need to call any experience air conditioner technician to inspect the running of your AC to investigate the reasons of high energy bill.

In order to keep the air conditioner in well maintained conditions, it is necessary that you must follow all the necessary preventive maintenance necessary for your air conditioner. Since air conditioner remains switched off for pretty long time during off season and therefore before the summer season arrives, it is necessary to clean it properly and check its filter for cleanliness. All the preventive maintenance must be done before the start of summer season so that if there is any problem it will be noticed and set right.