I want to say that I was addicted to food but food was more my way out, “thing to lean on” when things were getting down and dirty—and I’m sorry to say, that happened just about every day. I was a 375 pound junk food junkie.

I was so hopelessly hooked on junk food, I would splurge on everything you can name that is bad for you, food-wise. Burgers, chili-cheese fries, wings, pizza, fried chicken and mashes potatoes, ice cream—you name it, if it was greasy, fried, bad for you, fattening, eaten out of a box, and chock-full of nasty preservatives, chemical flavors and dyes, then I was shoving it down my throat as quickly as I could get my hands on it.

It got to a point where my family was so worried about my health—I had trouble sleeping through the night because my breathing was too labored—that they signed me up for counseling sessions to try and beat the addiction.

Obviously, I had to attend many sessions. It took weeks of painful moments to admit that this stuff was killing me and that I needed to make some changes. My counselor was relentless. She said she wasn’t going to give up on me—even when I ran short and couldn’t pay her for a few sessions. She said she wasn’t going to let me off the hook that easily. I would just have to owe her.

Months went by. I made a whole bunch of progress. It was slow going but I was beginning to show signs of overcoming my junk food problem. But while I stopped adding on weight, I didn’t lose much either, since I wasn’t exercising or anything. My counselor prescribed some meds and also gave me some literature by a guy named Derek Evans. She also one day gave me a bottle of pills. Pills? These would help me take off some extra pounds, the counselor said. “You don’t need a prescription and some of my friends are swearing by it. Why don’t you try them? Maybe they will help.”

That was the catalyst to my real change. As I took the pills (called Ultra Omega Burn), I felt something changing inside me. Like I wasn’t so tired anymore, and I could breathe better. And I started sweating. A LOT. I don’t know if it was meant to do that but I perspired more than I usually did. But it helped somehow, because I started weighing myself weekly and saw the numbers go down rapidly. At first I thought it might’ve been just water weight or something, but I continued to lose pound after pound and felt really good about myself—which I haven’t since as long as I can remember.

It’s been a good 7 months, with my counselor’s help and Ultra Omega Burn. I’ve also been taken up brisk-walking, and zumba. If you can believe it, I’m now 243 pounds and still losing weight. I’ve also picked up weight-lifting, so that adds some muscle mass—I’m not really bothered by the numbers now. I just look in the mirror, and see that I’m a totally different person from before. I’ll probably continue taking the pills until I’m 200 pounds or so. Then I’ll rely on my exercise to help me maintain the weight.