What differentiates a personal trainer from another? When is a personal trainer good?

Why there are the personal trainers that can get to charge 150 euros per session? These and other questions lead me to reflect on those aspects that really make a difference when providing services of these Training characteristics.

As a starting point it is very necessary to remember that the skills that all professionals treasure are the result of adding 3 aspects:

  • Training, that is, obtaining the knowledge necessary to perform specific tasks
  • Skills, which are embodied in the knowledge to develop a specific profession
  • Attitude that, knows how to be, knowing how to be, and of course knowing how to sell oneself

The first recommendation

To walk towards the goal (to be a personal trainer of reference) is to know oneself. To do this we must develop our own SWOT matrix and be able to correct the weaknesses that we identify, maintain and strengthen the strengths, face the threats and how not to take advantage of the opportunities. It is important to have the opinion of third parties, since we must strive to achieve a match between how we see ourselves and how others see us. There are different means, I advise you to apply the 360º feedback questionnaire.

Some Technical details

Surely we will be agree that most of our clients do not know the technical details of a training session, and they just do what they are told. In many cases not even the professionals themselves agree on what is more or less adequate to achieve certain objectives (for example, the controversy surrounding hypopressive abs). Therefore, that a personal trainer achieves professional success will not depend directly on knowing how to apply the most appropriate techniques in each session. So, what is the competitive advantage?

The key to be the preferred option is to be able to provide value that the customer perceives a unique, and unique benefit. For this we must to be clear about what we offer and reflect on what differentiates us from other coaches. It is at this moment where an important decision will have to be made; do we specialize or work for any client and for any purpose? The increase of this type of services has led to a more competitive labor market in which it is necessary to differentiate. To obtain a salable distinction we must to decide where to position ourselves and use the most of appropriate strategies to acquire visibility.

In conclusion, training is currently important but it must be accompanied by a global strategy in which the personal trainer must be able to value their potentials / strengths with the focus on a specific target audience, using their clients through the recommendation and with a clear message that gives it visibility and places it efficiently in an increasingly competitive market. Only in this way you can get to have significant income for personal trainers.