A good razor is a must for a neat, clean appearance. You probably know this, but something you’re likely not aware of is that the razor that you use every day or very regularly actually has a pretty interesting history.

We have seen many different types of “razors” being used as the mankind evolved, and we will be taking a look at them below.

Shaving Stone

As weird as it might sound, but the men of the stone ages had to rely on a stone known as the flaked obsidian to get rid of their wild beard. It used to get the job done – albeit at a great risk of getting badly hurt in the process – thanks to being as potent as a hand ax.

Egyptian Rotary Razor

People living in Egypt invented the rotary razor to get a clean shave in an effort to fight the heat of the desert they used to live in. Archaeologists find these razors in many burial sites in the region even today.

Roman Razor

The practice of shaving was started by Alexander’s troops as they didn’t want their enemy to be able to hold on their hair during the battles. This was also the time when the practice became socially acceptable.

The Straight Razor

The straight razor marks the beginning of modern grooming, with many more advanced shaving tools being introduced to the world after its invention. The straight razor itself was the most popular shaving tool until the beginning of the 20th century.

Its highlighting features were its ability to give a clean shave while restricting the usual strokes significantly.

The Shavette

Pretty much the same as the straight razor but with a disposal blade. This made it less durable but easier to use.

The Single Edge Safety Razor

It was the first marketed safety razor, introduced to the world in 1880. It has been widely used throughout the world as the go-to shaving tool, and is a very popular type of razor even today.

It offers a much safer shaving experience but has a bit of a learning curve to it.

The Double Edge Safety Razor

The first double edge safety razors were sold by King Gillette in 1903. It not only provided a closer shave, but also came with a protective bar on both the sides.

The Disposal Safety Razor

As the name suggests, the disposal safety razor is only good for a one-time use, and have to be disposed following the shave. It was invented in 1960.