There are a lot of people who have lower sexual drive as compared to others and can’t normally get off; sometimes they are having serious fertility issues. If you are among such people, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Sexual dysfunction is a common problem faced by as much as 40-70% of males. The latest research conducted by Wake Forest Baptist medical center reveals that a lot of men suffer from sexual dysfunction especially related to penis. Since it is a sensitive subject most of them are reluctant to discuss it with their health care providers. They are less inclined to see their health care provider at initial stages and hence it is seen that many males start taking over the counter medication or supplements. Most of the men find it embarrassing to discuss their sexual faults and get a proper prescription from doctor.

Before making any decision to take supplements it is important to talk to your doctor as only a specialist doctor can recommend appropriate dosage and can warn you about the potential side effects of the medicines or supplements you are using. Hence try not to take any supplement without the prescription of your health care provider.

Here are some best supplements which can boost up the testosterone level in the body and can play important role in the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

  1. DHEA:

It is used to enhance the sex drive and reducing the erectile dysfunctions. It is considered as the best testosterone booster as it increases libido and sexual functioning of males and help in the speedy recovery from erectile dysfunctions in males. It is a hormone which is produced by adrenal glands, the hormone DHEA is needed by body to produce other sex hormones as testosterone. In terms of its consistency the results are often flip flop and some more evidence is needed to suggest its potential side effects. However it is always important to consult your health care provider before using such boosters.

  1. Fenugreek:

The herb increases sexual arousal and intensifies it and also increases the intensity of orgasms. It reduces the recovery time as well. There was 80% increase in the libido in men using this supplement over the period of just six weeks. The fenugreek seeds also increase the muscular strength in men and overall energy and fitness. There are no known side effects of this supplement, since it is purely natural it can be used safely at home.

  1. Ginseng:

It is used to increase sexual health of a person which also includes proper functioning of penis and increased libido, sexual performance and increased sperm count and healthy semen production etc. It is a powerful herb which is considered as aphrodisiac in treating certain sex related male disorders such as erectile dysfunction. It is among the most commonly used ingredients in the health supplements for men. In men with poor semen and low sperm count, this supplement works miracles to increase sperm count and promotes the production of healthy semen. The men ultimately enjoy better sex due to greater rigidity and penetration.  It is also proven that the intake of 1000 mg of Korean red ginseng thrice a day for 3 months greatly increases the men’s sexual power in all respects.

  1. L-Citrulline:

The supplements are used to fight against the erectile dysfunction and increases sexual satisfaction. In most of the supplements regarding sexual health of males, L-arginine is the commonly found amino acid but due to its quicker metabolism inside the body, its actual benefits could not be obtained. Under this scenario, the use of L-citrulline is recommended as the body breaks it down to L arginine later on. In a recent study conducted on males exhibiting erectile dysfunction it was seen that the use of L citrulline in dose of 1.5 grams per day for four weeks result in 50% increase in the erection which ultimately results in better and more sex with highly satisfied results. Furthermore the supplement is proven safe with least side effects.

  1. Maca:

Maca helps to increase and strengthen the sex drive and sperm count in men. It was proven with a research that men who took this maca plant medicine or supplements for 12 weeks reported better sexual performance such as increased production of semen and longer and stronger sex drive. It is also used to treat erectile dysfunction as well. The couples who are facing infertility issues for long time can also make use of such supplements and get better outcomes.

  1. Yohimbine:

It helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. It is collected from the bark of an African tree which remains green throughout the winter. It helps in vaso-dilation and widens the blood vessels supplying more blood to sex organs. At the same time, the supplement helps in the reduction of blood pressure and increased sex drive. The men taking these supplements report stronger erection and increased libido.

  1. Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is obtained mainly from dry fruits such as almond, walnuts, pistachios etc. When taken regularly the supplements of vitamin E help to increase the sperm count. The regular intake of these supplements can also result in considerable improvement in the sperm motility and form. The use of such supplements is often recommended to treat infertility issues as well.

These are some of the best supplements for the increased production of male sex hormone (the testosterone). Men with sexual deficiencies can make use of these supplements to overcome their weaknesses. On the other hand, the intake of most of these supplements is related to some potential side effects which include dependency and impotency, it is recommended to consult your health care provider for proper dosage and rule out the risk of complications. Don’t go for the cheap supplements available in market check out the reviews from people who have used and gained benefit from the supplement you are deciding to start; this will help you in improving your sexual health and well being.