During sports coaching sessions, we often think of training the muscles of the back, it is believed that strengthening the abdominal belt will lose weight, we force on the dumbbells to have beautiful Pecs.

But too often we neglect a fundamental muscular group: the hamstrings.

Located at the back of the leg, they are a triptych of interdependent muscles – the femoral, semi-tendinous and semi-membranous biceps – that allow for hip extension and knee flexion.

Straight hamstrings prevent stooping or climbing stairs! Narrowing and strengthening the hamstrings is important for motor skills – and if the stairs do not scare you for now, think about your old age!

In recent times, impossible to touch the ground – even with the fingertips – with legs outstretched while before, getting on all fours was a breeze? Little tingling and the sensation of ants in his thin legs?

It’s time to do strength training for the hamstrings! Hamstring exercises for women are also important as for men.

To slim down, gain muscle mass, refine your waist or sculpt your body, there are fortunately plenty of exercises to strengthen the thighs.

Each leg hamstring exercise must be performed after warming up and gently.

Hamstrings Muscle: precautions before and after sports training

As in any athletic training, relatively intense or not, going headlong without respecting certain steps necessary for a good performance can cause injuries. Even slight, you will regret them; more serious, and you will lose whole months without being able to lose belly by muscular work!

Fortunately, thanks to some stretching exercises, all the exercises do not end with low back pain …
Whether you work your quadriceps or your femoral biceps, you must treat a fundamental step before training to build your thighs :  the warm-up phase.

Warm up the hamstrings

The hamstrings are very busy, for example in running: during the stride, they are in contraction at the moment when the knee is extended and at the moment of the flexion of the leg to pass the foot behind.

Your preparation should focus on the gluteus maximus, and you can do this by calling on sports coaching online.

Beware of rips with the sprint!

The quadriceps is therefore more quickly heated during a jog than other parts of the body such as the hamstrings.

Warming up increases the temperature of the body and allows a blood flow to the muscles.

Failure to do so can lead to breakdowns, tears, or lumbar and dorsal injuries.

So how to warm up the hamstrings?

sports coach or physiotherapist could recommend this hamstring ham exercise :

  • stretch one leg in front of you, the other slightly bent;
  • incline the bust forward, the pelvis ante version;
  • “Plant” the heel of the leg stretched in the ground;
  • lower your chest to the knee (for five to six seconds).

Be flexible and loose, in harmony with yourself, because toning a right leg to excess, it would be like making the jump rope with an electric pole (perhaps more conducive to the exercises of cladding) …
Even after only five seconds later, one should normally feel a little warm up.