Alcohol is one of the most abused worldwide. However, not all people who drink it are aware of how it can affect their health. You take it without being careful you end up finding yourself in an alcohol treatment center, sometimes alcohol can even lead to deaths. It is not a must that you drink extreme amounts of alcohol each single day for your body to be affected by it. Remember only a one night of booze can ruin your body in many ways which is alarming due to the fact that people are drinking excess alcohol all over the world. In fact, a study has shown that alcohol is by far the most abused substance in colleges worldwide. This is not to mean that they are the only affected by alcohol since also middle-aged adults are also affected.

Below are seven ways alcohol affects your health.

  1. Affects your liver

Drinking outrageous amounts of alcohol obstruct your liver from performing its job properly. Since the work of the liver is to break down the injurious substance in the body, heavy alcohol drinking prevents the liver from doing this. Alcohol has acidic qualities, which can lead to inflammation and hence resulting in extreme scarring of the liver, a disorder known as cirrhosis. As a result of this, all those toxins that your liver is supposed to take care of are left to roam freely throughout your body, causing many disproportions, including interfering with your blood sugar levels. In fact, a study shows that women have higher risks of liver problems than men since men’s bodies absorb alcohol faster thus it takes longer to be broken down, although the effects can occur over a long period of time.

  1. Cardiovascular disorders

Excessive drinking of alcohol can affect the heart health. It can increase your blood pressure and the triglycerides inside your body. Studies also show that extreme alcohol drinking can raise the risk of stroke. Heavy alcohol drinking has also been linked to a condition where the heart muscle becomes weak thus hindering its blood pumping mechanism throughout the body. The more this happens, the more likely for one to experience heart failure and uneven heartbeats.

  1.  Alcohol weakens your bones over time

Alcohol disrupts the replacement of bone tissues. The body of a human being undergoes a delicate, ongoing balance between the wearing away and remodeling of bone tissues which can be severely affected by frequent and excessive alcohol drinking. Also the worst of all is the risk to suffer from alcoholic bone disorders.  The more you drink excess alcohol, the higher chances you are likely to face osteoporosis, in the long run, a disorder that leads to weakening of your bones. This can make your bones vulnerable to fracture easily just from a sudden cough.

  1. Cancer

Regular excessive alcohol consumption can lead to the rise of certain types of cancer research shows. You are likely to suffer from cancer of the mouth, throat cancer, esophagus and also voice box if you drink excessive alcohol on a regular basis. Alcohol is also associated with liver cancer. In fact, it is said that women who drink alcohol risk developing breast cancer.