For some people Mastopexy may be a scientific new term for uplifting breast. This is also a mamoplasty surgery for raising breast to give you the proper shape that you desire. People who lost skin elasticity along with firmness of breast go for Mastopexy surgery. In actual word, this is a treatment that you go through to bring back the youthful touch in your breast. Apart from that Mastopexy surgery can also decrease the darker area around the nipples. Get to know more about Mastopexy procedure, problem, diet plan and cost in India.

The common Mastopexy patients are those who lose skin elasticity after losing fats and milk gland tissues. So, if you also want to opt for breast lift treatment then this content will provide you all the information that includes before and after surgery treatment, expenditure, risk factor and much more. Just a simple breast lift surgery can totally change your outer appearance and your figure. But that does not mean that it will last permanently. This will just make you look young and smart. So take a proper guide from your surgeon before any such surgeries.

Mastopexy Surgery in India Procedure:

Mastopexy or the Mastopexia (as how they call it in Brazil) is a cosmetic treatment where excess fats or breast skin gets removed. This will finally give you youthful breast size. Also, when doing the surgery even the areola portion also needs to be reduced. Before the surgery, you must consult and discuss openly about the operation procedure. He/she will also ask you to go for a test and examine the size of your breast whether you are eligible for the surgery or not.

Also, during the surgery process, you will be injected with general anaesthesia to be able to complete a painless surgery. Remember that you must discuss with your surgeon about all the dos and don’ts before or after the surgery. Be attentive to ask to your doctor about where you wish to place your nipple after treatment. However, if you need to go through minor surgery then incision will be performed only near the nipples. As a result, you may end up overnight in a hospital while performing surgery. Along with your desired results, there are also some side effects that you must know about the surgery.

Breast Lift Surgery Side Effects/ Problems:

After going through surgery, some faces quite instances of problems or issues. This happens because of unhealthy diet plan and not taken proper care. As a matter of fact, some of the most frequent troubles are bruising, pain on the scars, swelling of scars, feeling numb in the nipple. These problems will fly off within weeks. So, there is not an issue about all these side effects.

For few weeks or you can also say for a month, scars will be visible but it will eventually get healed. Firstly after surgery you may feel little hard on your breast but within some days, it will get soften.

Mastopexy Breast Lift Surgery Cost in India:

Approximately mastopexy surgery varies from city to city and breast lift India cost nearly about Rs. 50,000 – 1, 00, 000. As a result, this cost of surgery will depend upon which surgeon you would choose and also the place you go to. For example, there are surgeons in Kerala Wayanad who can give you best treatments at best price. This includes hospital charge, medical test fee, maintenance charge, and much more.

Mastopexy Surgery Recovery:

After the surgery is done, you will be recommended to wear a surgical bra for some days. Also, take a proper rest for about 4 weeks or more. You may also feel pain on your breast for two- three days, if your doctor suggests then take a dose of pain killer. Stitches will also get taken out within few weeks. Physical exercise or lifting your hands is not allowed for some weeks. Make sure you maintain a proper diet plan. Numb on your nipple area will be invisible once you follow a proper routine. Within three consecutive months, you will be able to continue your daily task easily. Smoking is also prohibited before and after surgery.

Results after Mastopexy Surgery:

Couple of months after surgery, millions of women are satisfied with the outcome. As in fact some faces a minor issue that heals within some days, you get a fuller beautiful lifted breast. Some of the women also say that they don’t feel the need to wear breast lifted bra after surgery.

So, if you are searching for Mastopexy procedure, problem and cost in India then this post have got all the information that you needed. We also insist you to visit the best experience surgeon in India. Even if you are from foreign countries and happen to visit India then you can go for breast lifting surgery in the popular hospitals or health centres.