Radiation is harmful to all, including pregnant mothers. During the period of pregnancy, extra caution should be taken, specifically against EMF radiation. Once a mother is protected, the baby is protected too. This is the stage where the baby is most vulnerable. Here are thereasons to get protection.

Behaviour disorder

Radiation getting to the baby may affect the development of the brain. Exposure to radiation may also cause the baby to be hyperactive. The memory capacity is then reduced. This may lead to various health conditions that are severe. Some of the conditions they suffer include autism. Most children suffering from autism are a result of radiation during pregnancy. Proper protection from radiation, especially cell phone radiation, is very important. Ensure you have protection against the radiation from cell phones to avoid such instances.

Avoid miscarriage

The effect of EMF radiation may cause miscarriage in pregnant mothers, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. This is because babies at this stage tend to be very sensitive. Staying unprotected against radiation will lead to foetal death, which is a loss no mother needs. The right EMF protection ensures the mother and baby are safe from any adverse effects, which pose danger to the mother and the baby.

Avoid cancer

EMF radiation has been classified to be cancer causing. The leading cause of cancer in children is as a result of radiation during pregnancy. According to study, babies absorb up to 60% more radiation than adults during pregnancy. The results of the absorption are seen later after birth. This shows how vulnerable babies are during pregnancy. The best way to protect a baby from such danger is ensuring proper protection against EMF radiation.


Pregnancy takes a toll on you. You do not needany additional stress. EMF causes negative effects on your body in various ways. To enjoy comfort during pregnancy, it is wise to get proper protection against EMF radiation. The symptoms include excessive fatigue, headaches, stress,ringing ears, pain in the body, hormonal changes that do not respond to treatment, and more.

Protection against harmful EMF radiation is the best way to protect your loved one. There are multiple ways to get protection against EMF radiation. The market provides multiple protective products that include protective jewellery. Ensure there is no radiation reaching your baby, especially during the night when sleeping. Have protective pads for gadgets in the home, for instance, the laptop.

Technology plays a great role in our lives. It is not the best idea to avoid its use, but rather find ways to avoid EMF radiation. Remember your baby’s well-being depends on the protective measures you take.