The hair is made up of protein called keratin and it is produced in hair follicles in the outer layer of the skin. As follicles produces the new hair cells, the old cells will be pushed out through the surface of the skin. So, the hair loss is the most common factor in men and women and it clearly indicate there is something wrong with any one of the “X” chromosomes. Hair fall is quite common in both men and women on this current scenario. The food cycle has been changing due to night shifts and the health condition are getting worse nowadays due to continuous pressure at workplace.

This may not be the exact problem for the hair loss. The hair loss may happen due to oily scalp, imbalance of hormones, hereditary, irregularity in diet, dandruff, change of water and too much stress and so on. Some people are spending lot of money in the hair to stop continuous hair loss and to maintain the health of hair. Shredding of hair is one of the reason for shedding self-confidence. There are various food habits need to be in control to maintain the healthy hair.  Lack of nutrients is the major cause of hair loss and other health issues. Take some nutritional supplements to avoid hair fall and try to avoid baldness at early stages.

The technology has been improved dramatically and the role of social media in this competitive world creating the lager impact among people through the smartphone. The people are addicted to the social media like Facebook, Twitter etc and they are mostly living with the news feed and tweets at all time. Whatever be the problem the best solution will be given by the search engine called Google. But now the current trend has been changed and the people are started asking questions in social media and they are trending that question worldwide with best answers. The root solution of the problem has been easily founded and sorted. Likewise search the root cause of hair fall solution in Facebook or Twitter. There are many groups available in Facebook with same problems. Try to join in that groups and post the relevant questions and find the better answer for the hair loss problems.

Many people will do experimentally and gave the solution for the hair loss problems. You can start asking the questions in Twitter too with the popular hashtags. Pinterest is one of the most interesting social media where it engages the people through different types of pins in all fields. If you start searching the hair fall problems, diet for hair loss pins you would get it easily and follow up the pins for better results. So, don’t waste your time in consulting doctor or doing operations for hair loss. Just follow up the groups in social media and find the root cause of problems. You can also ask the questions in Quora, the questioning and answering sites which provides you the best answers for all problems in life.