Imagine coming home from work, tired and exhausted and getting the most relaxing and soothing massage that will make you feel fresh and rejuvenated. How good would your life be?

Initially investing in a massage chair might seem pricey, with massage chairs costing anywhere from $200 up to a couple of thousand dollars. But, with various health benefits that you can reap by using a massage chair, the investment is worthwhile.

If you do not have any back pain or joint related illnesses and if you are buying a massage chair just for relaxation purposes, you can reap most of the benefits listed below with a cheaper massage chair too!

1. Reduction of the pressure on the nerves:

When you use a recliner chair, it helps in reducing the pressure on the spine while lying in a horizontal position. As the major nerves in the body run through the spine, any misalignment of the vertebrae or tension in the spine can result in the compression of nerves. As the spine relaxes, it expands, reducing the pressure on the nerves.

2. Helps in maintaining a good body posture:

The massage chair helps in relaxing the muscles and there are different types of movements that aid in relieving the muscle pain. E.g. if you have a sore hip, you will sit a little unevenly, putting more pressure on the non-sore side, misaligning the back and neck muscles on that side. As the pain in the muscle reduces, the misalignment of muscles is corrected, giving the body a proper posture.

3. Stress Reduction:

Stress doesn’t just have an impact on the mental health, it also has a grave impact on the body as well. Stress may result in loss of appetite, alleviated blood pressure levels and/or sleeplessness. Using a massage chair on a daily basis can relax the mind and the body, resulting in reduced stress levels.

4. Improved Blood Circulation:

With relaxed muscles and reduced pressure on the nerves, blood circulation in the body is improved and healing is promoted in the body.

5. Increased endorphin secretion in the body:

The pain perception of the body and the effects of stress can be reduced by the increased levels of endorphins. Regular massages help in the increase in the secretion of endorphins, resulting in a sense of well-being and an increased immune response in the body.

As you can see there are many health benefits when it comes to using a good quality massage chair. Sure, they are expensive but your health is worth every penny! If you need help picking the right chair, check out this massage chair buying guide by Wicked Reviews.