Oral health is very important for various reasons and there is no need to enlighten anyone about this fact. The most vulnerable part of the mouth prone to easy damage and infection is the gum. Gum diseases are the most treated by any Brampton dentist and it is same with dentists all over the world. One might experience problems like inflammation, tissue damage, bone damage, etc. if they do not tend to their gum conditions properly. This can ultimately lead to teeth loss and improper oral health for life. Fortunately, any health condition gives out symptoms and signs that help the individual to take immediate action. The following are some of the common gum diseases and indicators to confirm a problem.

Recognizing Gingivitis

The most common gum related problem caused due to bacteria. The gums are observed to have inflammation because of the accumulation of bacteria resulting in plaque. It is the first symptom, if unattended by Kennedy square dentist Brampton, can lead to many major problems. Gradually, the plaque developed will harden resulting in the development of tartar. When the individual is suffering from gingivitis he or she will observe swollen gums, reddening of gums, frequent gum bleeding, etc. Gingivitis is not a major problem that affects the teeth, but is an indication that oral health is not being considered properly.

Recognizing Periodontitis

If Gingivitis is not treated by approaching dental clinics in Brampton it will result in the occurrence of periodontitis. The inflammation of the gums increase rapidly and the adhesive nature of the gums decrease; as a result, teeth and gums separate forming pockets (space between teeth and gums). Gum pockets are highly susceptible to infections from all pathological organisms. According to a Brampton dentist, pockets will become centers of growth for bacteria allowing them to enter into the bloodstream directly. Bacteria in blood will cause the rapid decrease of immunity and wakens the gums further. Periodontitis will lead to removal of teeth and the dentist needs to put great effort to clean the gums that are infected.

Symptoms as a list

There are many symptoms associated to gum diseases; hence, it is easy for people to forget them and think that teeth problems they are witnessing are due to other reasons. To avoid such deviation from gum problems, symptoms of gum diseases are given here as a list so that they are easy to note down and understand when such problems are faced.

  • Reddening of gums
  • Gums become tender and swollen
  • Gums bleed when brushing or flossing
  • Teeth appear longer because of receding
  • Loss of teeth due to sensitivity

Treating Gum diseases

Gingivitis and periodontitis are regular problems which can be treated by dental clinics in Brampton with regular visits. Further, it is easy to reach dentists through Twitter or Yelp for clearing out any doubts regarding the situation. However, if gum pockets are formed a probe is used to understand the depth of the infection and diagnosis is given based on that. There is no need for the individual to go through all these if early symptoms could be recognized earlier.